JMX MBean View


Thu Nov 30 14:18:40 CET 2023
Java Classorg.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.BaseModelMBean
DescriptionStandard Context Component

Attribute Name Access Type Description Attribute Value
docBase RW java.lang.String The document root for this web application
managedResource RW java.lang.Object The managed resource this MBean is associated with
manager RW org.apache.catalina.Manager Associated manager.
cacheTTL RW int Time interval in ms between cache refeshes
eventProvider RW boolean Event provider support for this managed object
workDir RW java.lang.String The pathname to the work directory for this context
tldScanTime RW long Time spend scanning jars for TLDs for this context
statisticsProvider RW boolean Performance statistics support for this managed object
javaVMs RW [Ljava.lang.String; The Java virtual machines on which this module is running
state RW int Current state of this component
children RW [; Object names of all children
engineName RW java.lang.String Name of the engine domain, if different from the context domain
modelerType R java.lang.String Type of the modeled resource. Can be set only once
startTime RW long Time (in milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00) when this context was started
mappingObject RW java.lang.Object The object used for mapping
startupTime RW long Time (in milliseconds) it took to start this context
crossContext RW boolean Should we allow the ServletContext.getContext() method to access the context of other web applications in this server?
welcomeFiles R [Ljava.lang.String; The welcome files for this context
staticResources R Static resources associated with the context.
realm RW org.apache.catalina.Realm Associated realm.
path RW java.lang.String The context path for this Context
logger RW org.apache.commons.logging.Log Associated logger.
stateManageable RW boolean State management support for this managed object
cookies RW boolean Should we attempt to use cookies for session id communication?
instanceManager RW org.apache.catalina.instanceManagement.InstanceManager Object that creates and destroys servlets, filters, and listeners. Include dependency injection and postConstruct/preDestory handling
servlets R [Ljava.lang.String; JSR77 list of servlets
valveObjectNames R [; ObjectNames for the valves associated with this container


RW java.lang.String Name of the object
loader RW org.apache.catalina.Loader Associated loader.
caseSensitive RW boolean Should case sensitivity checks be performed
processingTime R long Cumulative execution times of all servlets in this context
cacheMaxSize RW int Maximum cache size in KB
deploymentDescriptor RW java.lang.String String deployment descriptor
cacheObjectMaxSize RW int Maximum cached object size in KB
override RW boolean The DefaultContext override flag for this web application
cachingAllowed RW boolean Should we cache static resources for this webapp
namingContextListener RW org.apache.catalina.core.NamingContextListener Associated naming context listener.
server RW java.lang.String The J2EE Server this module is deployed on
privileged RW boolean Access to tomcat internals
unloadDelay RW long Amount of ms that the container will wait for servlets to unload
parentClassLoader RW java.lang.ClassLoader Parent class loader.
allowLinking RW boolean Allow symlinking to outside the webapp root directory, if the webapp is an exploded directory

Operation Return Type Description Parameters
destroy void Destroy the context
[no parameters]
removeValve void Remove a valve from this Context
valve org.apache.catalina.Valve New valve to be removed
stop void Stop the context
[no parameters]
start void Start the context
[no parameters]
removeLifecycleListener void Remove a lifecycle listener from this Context
listener org.apache.catalina.LifecycleListener New lifecycle listener to be removed
findMappingObject org.apache.catalina.Context Return an object which may be utilized for mapping to this component
[no parameters]
init void Register the context into the running server
[no parameters]
findStaticResources Return the naming resources associated with this web application
[no parameters]
addLifecycleListener void Add a lifecycle listener to this Context
listener org.apache.catalina.LifecycleListener New lifecycle listener to be added
addValve void Add a valve to this Context
valve org.apache.catalina.Valve New valve to be added
reload void Reload the webapplication
[no parameters]